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Alyse and David

Alyse and David (New Jersey)
We'll care about you as you get to know us...happily married couple into sports, music, and family. We hope to become adoptive parents by having a trusting relationship with you or another birth mother who picks us. We'll ease your worries and support your dreams for yourself and your unborn baby. Please call or text 1-862-432-7753 or email us at 120413m


Amy (New York)
HI! I'm Amy from NYC! Thank you for taking the time out to read about me. I am a loving,devoted, financially secure teacher who longs to become a Mom. Your newborn will be forever loved and cherished in a warm, laughter-filled home. Expenses paid. Please call Amy at 1-800-286-8421 or email at

Andy and Debbie

Andy and Debbie (New York)
We are Andy and Debbie, a fun-loving active couple who is looking to expand our family through adoption. Our son can't wait to be a big brother! Give us a call at 212-602-1279, we can't wait to meet you! 120825m

Andy and Eileen

Andy and Eileen (New Jersey)
We are Andy & Eileen. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our story and how excited we are to expand our family through the miracle of adoption. We currently reside in New Jersey (Andy's home state) with New York city a few minutes away (Eileen's home state) We met on Eileen sent the first wink and I fell for it. From the moment we met we knew that our profiles were a great match and we can only hope that you to find that perfect profile for your child to be with a loving, caring family. 130919m

Ann and Peter

Ann and Peter (New York)
Peter and I are a very happy, fun couple of 23 years who are eager to share our lives with a child, give him or her the best education, a strong extended family, and a wonderful life with us. We hope to show a child the world and help him or her experience and the joys and fortunes that we have been lucky enough to share with one another. Please call us at 1-800-593-1730 or email us at 130521m

Ann and Sadie

Ann and Sadie (Maryland)
Hello and welcome! I am Ann and this is my adopted daughter Sadie. Thank you very much for visiting our website and considering us as you decide on your adoption plan. Sadie and I were both adopted. I adopted Sadie in 2007 from Vietnam. I come from large loving family with a brother and sister who were also adopted. Sadie would love more than anything to be a big sister. Sadie and I have so much love, happiness, and adventures that we want to share with your child. Sadie will always know of her birthmotherís strength, courage and love when she left Sadie in front of the orphanage in Vietnam. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and understand the difficult and important decisions you are making for your child.

Annie and Nick

Annie and Nick (New York)
We are a happily married couple looking forward to the joys and responsibilities of parenting. Thank you for reading our profile. We hope you might consider us to offer your baby a life of love, security and opportunities. We would love to learn about your dreams for your babyís future. 130103y

Antoin and Antonella

Antoin and Antonella (New York)
Home Study Ready NY Married Couple - Waiting on YOU to bless our family with the precious gift of a beautiful baby. Feel free to email us at:

Bobby and Rona

Bobby and Rona (New Jersey)
Hello! We understand, and admire, the courage that it must take to think about your child first, and his/her future, by placing them for adoption. We believe that we can provide a safe, loving family for your child and hope that we are given the opportunity. 130806y

Brian and Kathryn

Brian and Kathryn (New York)
We think you must be very special to be looking at this and considering adoption for your baby. We are Brian + Kathryn, a happily married, well educated, secure and happy couple hoping to add to our family through adoption, which is how we began our family after being chosen 3 years ago.

We look forward to giving a newborn all the advantages of a loving home. Our son wants nothing more than to be a big brother and we want nothing more than to add to our already loving home, which will include the common bond of adoption that would be shared between the children.

We would love to hear from you!


Chris and Jessica

Chris and Jessica (New York)
Hi! We're Chris and Jessica. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are so excited about becoming parents and promise to provide a loving, secure home. Expenses paid. 1-877-266-0050

Dana and Bobby - Adopted!

Dana and Bobby - Adopted! (New Jersey)
We have adopted a baby boy!

Dana and Michael

Dana and Michael (New Jersey)
Letís connect by texting and emailing each other. Then letís have phone conversations for spontaneous chats. We met through Match.comÖso we imagine connecting over the internet with the birthmother who selects us. Our hope is to create a trusting relationship with you as you figure things out. We celebrate the date we met at the same restaurant every year. Each year, weíll celebrate the day our child by adoption was placed with us by his or her birth parents. As a child, he or she will hear great stories about their birth parents as we honor them. 130207m

Debbie and John - We have adopted!

Debbie and John - We have adopted! (New Jersey)
Pls can you cancel our account. We adopted a baby boy!!! Thank you for your help in making our dream a reality Regards

Debbie and Mike -We have Adopted!

Debbie and Mike -We have Adopted! (New York)
We are very fortunate to have adopted a beautiful baby girl!

Edward and Kimberly

Edward and Kimberly (Illinois)
Hi, we are Edward and Kimberly. We are a generous and loving couple, happily married for 6 years, and eagerly looking to adopt. We can provide a stable home filled with love and support for your child. To learn more about us, please visit our website, email us at, or call (888) 850-4028. We wish you the very best.

Elizabeth and Keith - Adopted!

Elizabeth and Keith - Adopted! (New York)
What are your concerns as you consider an adoption plan for your unborn child? We'll listen. We are deeply respectful of the choices you are making. Our hearts go out to you. We hope you find the strength and support you need to move forward with whatever decision you decide is best at this time. We hope you will take a moment to consider us. Thank you 110317m


Felecia (New York)
How grateful I am for brave, loving women like yourself! Iím sure you must be struggling with the decision youíre making, my heart goes out to you. My name is Felecia. I am a single woman who would love to adopt a baby. Although I was married earlier, the marriage did not work out. I planned to re-marry. I dated for a while but havenít met the right person. I still believe that I will re-marry. Sometimes life happens in a different order than we had planned. In the meantime, I have so much love to give and am ready to begin my family now. I will cherish the opportunity to be a mother even more, I believe, for the struggles Iíve been through along the way. Please call me at 1-877-875-6981.

Ginette and Michael

Ginette and Michael (New York)
We are best friends who make each other laugh every day and are excited about starting a family through adoption. We are committed to raising your child in a nurturing and positive environment... We promise unconditional love and a secure life in our playful home. Thanks for learning about us! 130430m

Jess and Sal - Adopted!

Jess and Sal - Adopted! (New Jersey)
Hello! We are Jess & Sal. We adopted a baby boy.

Jonathan and Beth - We have Adopted!

Jonathan and Beth - We have Adopted! (New York)
Hi, we're Jonathan and Beth from NYC. We're an affectionate, fun, creative couple with a lot of love in our hearts, and we can't wait to share that love with a child! Thanks for reading more about us on our profile. 110902ym

Jorge and Mark

Jorge and Mark (New Jersey)
Hello, We're Jorge, Mark and Kael from New Jersey, and we're looking to grow our family through adoption. Please check out our website at to learn more about our family. We're committed to an adoption that is respectful of you and your wishes. Hablamos Espanol.

Josh and Katie

Josh and Katie (Pennsylvania)
Hi we are Josh & Katie from PA. From the time we began dating we knew we wanted kids. Adoption was always something discussed as part of building our family. We were raised in families with a lot of love and we feel grateful to share that love with a child. 120528m

Karen Ann

Karen Ann (New York)
My birth mother placed me for adoption when I was a baby. My brother and sister were also adopted. I hope to meet a birth mother that will enable me to do the same for my adopted child. Letís get to know each other.

Kristi and Billy

Kristi and Billy (New York)
It is with tremendous excitement and anticipation that we reach out to you. Please know that we are aware you are doing a courageous, selfless and loving act by considering adopting out your baby. The greatest joy of our lives is being parents and we are praying for that opportunity again to make our family complete. We have the desire and commitment to provide another child with unconditional love, limitless opportunity and a stable, healthy environment to grow and learn.

Lora and Scott

Lora and Scott (New Jersey)
Hello, We're Lora and Scott. We hope to hear from You! 130415y Weíll care about your feelings and opinions as you get to know us. Letís keep in touch when you want. If you choose us as adoptive parents, good communication will continue during and after your pregnancy. Baby will grow knowing how much love his or her birth family has and will feel good about them.


Mary (New York)
I understand what a difficult decision it is to make a plan of adoption and I truly admire your strength, compassion, and selflessness. This may be a difficult time for you, but it is my hope that working together may make things easier for you. Raising a child is my lifelong dream. For as long as I can remember, I have loved children. A warm, nurturing, and stable home is what I look forward to providing a child. Thank you for taking a look at my profile! 121011y

Mary and Massimo - Adopted!

Mary and Massimo - Adopted! (New Jersey)
We have adopted!

Matt and Laura

Matt and Laura (New York)
Hi, we are Matt and Laura, a kind, caring, compassionate couple from the suburbs of New York, who want more than anything to become parents. We are looking forward to fulfill our dream through adoption. We will offer your child a very warm, loving, nurturing, safe and stable home. We want to be very dedicated and devoted parents to your child and always support them with their hopes and dreams. We know that you are faced with a very important and difficult decision in selecting your baby's adoptive parents, please know that if you are to select us we will be there for you every step of the way and plan on being very supportive to you. We will also be forever grateful and thankful to you. We will love your child unconditionally as if they were our own biological child. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We are honored that you are considering us as your baby's adoptive parents. We would love to learn more about you, please call our toll free number 1-877-959-8265 or e-mail us at . 131001y

Matt and Martha

Matt and Martha (California)
We are committed to providing a loving, caring home and teaching our child the importance of embracing life. We chose open adoption because we feel it is important for our child to know that his or her birthmother loves him/her. As our little one grows up, we look forward to having you involved in our lives, to the extent you are comfortable with. We are thankful that you have taken the time to read our letter and hope it has given you a feel for who we are. We would love the opportunity to speak with you, learn more about you, and to share more about ourselves. Please feel free to contact us anytime! 131004m

Michele and Stu

Michele and Stu (New York)
Thank you for being open to our story. Weíre Michele and Stu, a loving, married couple from the suburbs of NY. We Wish to become parents through adoption. We hope to experience a trusting relationship with you and will care about you and support your opinions as you consider adoption. 130115y

Michelle and Jeoff

Michelle and Jeoff (Illinois)
We are Michelle and Jeoff, a fun, loving, professional couple looking forward to staring our family through adoption. Your child will always know the love you have for him or her and the care you showed in finding the very best home for him or her to grow up in. It would be an honor to raise your child. We believe considering adoption is courageous and selfless. Thank you for considering us as parents for your child. Know that we will love, nurture and cherish your baby forever and he or she will always know how much you love him or her. Without question, your little one will have the security and unconditional love from devoted parents, adoring grandparents, and fun, loving aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. We are committed to giving a baby the happiest of homes, the best education and all the opportunities life has to offer.

Michelle, Ken and Jacob

Michelle, Ken and Jacob (New Jersey)
Hi! We are Ken, Michelle and Jacob. We were blessed four years ago with the gift of adoption and are hoping to grow our family through adoption once again. Please visit our website to learn more about us. 120612y

Mike and Alison - Matched!

Mike and Alison - Matched! (New York)
Matched with Cassandra and her wonderful family! We look forward to creating many memories and keeping our relationship strong!

Nicole and Joe Adopted!

Nicole and Joe Adopted! (New York)
We adopted a baby girl 2 weeks ago.

Rebecca and Josh

Rebecca and Josh (New York)
Weíre Joshua and Rebecca, a fun-loving, married couple from N.Y.C. We can only imagine what an emotional decision you are making, so thank you for considering us. We would love to get to know you and answer all of your questions. No matter what, we wish you the best. 121009y

Sheila and Ken

Sheila and Ken (New York)
We wish to give baby a terrific upbringing full of love, laughter and provide support to you. 130421y


Sherri (New York)
Thank you for taking the time to learn about me, and my dream of becoming a parent. This is such an important decision for both of us and I want to describe my world and life experiences to you. As you read through my profile and learn more about my family, friends, home and work, I hope you gain a better understanding as to why I would like to create a family of my own. Hopefully you will find my home a warm, loving and safe environment for your child to grow and feel loved. 888-840-6462


Suzanne (New York)
I have always wanted to be a mother and have now decided to adopt a child. I want to say thank you for the beautiful gift of a child that you are helping me to achieve. This makes me so happy and is the culmination of a lifelong dream. 111116y

Tamika And Patrick

Tamika And Patrick (New York)
We will give your baby a great home.

Wendy and Tim

Wendy and Tim (New York)
While we haven't spoken yet, we want you to know that we greatly admire your courage, pray that you are comforted along your journey, and appreciate the love you are showing for this child by this totally unselfish act.† We hope that this can be a link between us, so that you can get to know us a little better.

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